Attacking Titans


I Attack on Titans, Slicing your neck
slightly inject my poison like Vicodin effects
Frightening events, I kick it like Bruce Lee
You like who’s this? You don’t see me like Luigi
like Who is this? Cuz all y’all sleeping like you flu and sick
Why would I ask for permission thats pure foolishness
Intergalactic, My centered tactics,
Fuck around and get your ass kicked biatch!

What would you feel if I did this shit you backstabbers?
You wack cameras always dividing us gap, I’d rather
see you wack rappers acting like some instagrammers
thinkin you mad dapper, follow fads and pop xanax
My bad habits? I’m just an alcoholic
considered good in Japan like I’m a fan of Sonic
can I call it out? You fads are falling down
like Panasonic, banned electronic

the fan of “Chronic”, classic, what I like to call it
ageless, and I’m paying my way and obeying
My instincts like I’m a fuckin Misfit
but I aint Jaden, I’m just saying.

Super Saiyan, creating my own lane and
made in Asia, raised in America to pave the way and
Make it great again? I’m already great motherfucker,
I aint allowed to be a citizen but I bring the ruckus.

All you motherfuckers just Sucka MCs
Speaking the language you wanna be me
Cant see me but you wanna be free
All you medias suck on these NUTS

Keep going on…

Rep the “P” like I got Styles yo
Swoop down and pray like Osprey I fly low
When my beat’s the shit like “Kuso”, FlyLo
When my funk’s on the ONE like I affair with Sly Stone

The war destroyed my country but we came up
like my dicks hard as a missile, my country flamed up
cuz we spitting fire, its just my desire not to retire
cuz I aint slipping like I’m riding Yokohama Tires
I got nothin to lose, like I’m cutting it through
bringing the ruckus to you
I shit on rappers like a bucket of poo.

So why dont you just pass the mic
and Imma make some sacrifice
like you aint dedicating shit so rap in your afterlife
Cut like an assassin knife, hungry with an appetite
Laughing like my rhymes stuck in your ears like a parasite


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