92 I was born ready
I’m going steady
won’t back down like Tom petty
blasting you like confetti
Mom’s spaghetti that I Lose Myself in
Melting your brain with my words you ain’t never dealt with
Michael Phelps of rap, I ain’t never drowning
Sound of Sukisha got you motherfuckers bouncing
Underground crown holder, pronounce colder rhymes to take mount on you clowns for ya

Y’all motherfuckers be spitting some simple shit
When I smash you like I’m Pete Sampras in Wimbledon
My raps be forming swords on my fingertips
Like a War lord that draws immortal art lingering

Who’s the best MC in this land? (Me?)
In Japan nobody can musical stampede
Y’all dancing just can’t understand me
Y’all just fancy and ranting on Twitter but y’all ass can’t spit

Y’all be licking the surface thinking that your picture’s perfect
And kissing service no originality and courage
to step & stick it out of the box y’all fuckin nervous
to be accepted so y’all copycat except the burdens

Y’all never plant the seeds
Thinking it’s a fantasy
That’s why the culture ain’t grant the needs
Dramatis personae, the first party that curse started
For the next generation the culture has to nourish

So what you say
(Say what?)
In this rap game
Music is who I choose to give my last name
So what I say
(Say what?)
Im telling you, I’m telling you that we gon make it to the top motherfuckers

Might be the dopest in Japan yeah fuckin said it
No Skeletons in my closet and my aesthetic
My work ethic got me looking like some shredded cheese
Strip naked nothing to hide I’m real never fakin
I punch lines so y’all better call the paramedics
I ain’t need drugs, bipolar got me parasailing
I don’t eat cuz eating is the cousin of diabetes
these MCs are sweet like they caramel and

I don’t give a fuck now
I’ma just bust out some frees off the dome but I suck so I’ll just cuss out
(Oh no no. Fuck H&M!)

They call me the coolest yellow monkey in the concrete jungle
I be drunk on some liquor and some funky bongo
I keep my ears wide open so you can call me dumbo
My Mic gotta “Will” of it’s own that keeps me “Humble”

Who would’ve thought I’d be
The one with the philosophy
Schooling bunch of wannabes
cant be stopping me
I’m top speed with fly deeds
I got peace cuz I be rolling with everybody from Korean to Chinese

Not only Asia of course I’m westside till I die
Respect is why I still have that part inside
From Cali to moving to this land where no one understands what I’m saying
But I still be praying for all my homies


My last name comes from the ogre slayer Tsuna
To playatuner my reigning fluid, DNA is truest
My heart is nudist I do this aint hiding my attitude and
My motivation teaching me to be a training student


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