Me & the Giant (Outro)


I take my time when I’m writing my state of mind
Hip Hop and this culture gave me a sign to shine
and rhyme let me try to find my inner side
been aside from the 9 to 5 type of life

I breath deeply
meditate on everything, every word I’m seeking
for truth inside me I calmly dive into
a world where I’m a small being
Altitude and width of the big industry
tryin to bring somethin new to the table and stimulate
me against the giant to change the game
so somehow my name remains

I’m still trying to be the
One to lead the people
sometimes I don’t know why I lose the way to proceed
But let me please be me so I can plant the seeds
So let me please be me

This world remains so cold in my head
everything is moving in slow mo am I dead?
for more shows I bled to perform in front of you
how I love to be on stage, yeah stunning you
raison d’être, game changing writing my messages
combining diverse pieces like Tetris
face the walls we have whats the recipe?
for the future we have whats that you’re telling me?

It causes us to shine
in this industry we find
people like me just fightin and strugglin
It causes us to shine


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