The Tuner


It’s the return of the tuner
Playa with a cooler
The fat shit like voice of Chali 2na
Write truth the spit the dirtiest pair of
Rhymes in the club like Redman and Aguilera
motherfuckers trying say you don’t really impress me
I can see in your eyes you scared to invest in me
Some pussies 9 to 5, dripping like wet dreams
Best things come to those who be wrestling
For what they believe in these people feed low self esteem, so they be sweet like Nestle
Or they be acting bitter sour like they be dressings
Addressing what they trying to hide what depressed them

how we supposed set it off when these people feeding
education washing their brains to enslave from the fetus
40 years to pay the taxes for these politicians to eat gain the fat to just to call it business

“Its how society is supposed to be
we ain’t eatin but let’s just toast to the
best place on Earth and they supposed to feed us”
Really believe in that shit yo b?

They putting y’all inside the cage to make you fight
So yall forget about the cage itself, you caught up
And you start growing the rage towards the same situation the main reason you people be blinded
They can’t find their dreams and they can’t love themselves
And brainwash people to love they wealth
More than the music
people only skim through it
And they act like it’s fuckin culture they moving

I feel the sound

Verbally toxic, That’s how I kill and rock shit
Feel the music yo b fuck a damn gossip
Nonsense how y’all knowledge like middle School girls
Pitiful world, words being ridiculed, hurled
It’s the way I’m just trying to bring something new
To the table cuz they unable to create the staple
Mass following like sheeps in sleep
So I’ll be the “Big Poppa” in between the sheets

I used to cringe when I see my own race trying to be rapper
I was scared of my own face
scared of my own length scared im so lank
had a dream, but I was too scared to go and break the stereotypes
So I blamed it on the stereotypes
I let my name fuckin fade in the stereotypes
But I realized my mind was so free
Let it out the box of this weak mentality

This is art music and bars and hopes
So we start moving with stars and dope rhymes.
Tryin to tell a “Message” like Flash & Furious Five
And gain knowledge with curious vibes
Empower the artist and be a student
But we still real playas fucking with different types music
And we tune in to this culture movement
That’s why we call ourselves the “Playatuner”

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