So I Pretend I Never Met You




Tell me why my heart is dry
I don’t know if I’m trying too hard to avoid the sorrows.
In my mind, I’m thinking what if I find
something more precious would I be in the shadows.
But on the other side there’s light that shines yeah
the light could be you but I cant be lying there
cuz the sun goes down and the fun turns around
is it worth sacrificing my grind yea.

I wanna admit the love but Im afraid
cuz the way that I’m living is what I got from the trade “isolation”
I gave it all up
the respect from society and being accepted
But girl I wanna know about you I want it
the world lies but if you be keepin it a hundred
or maybe you aint interested in me enough too
cuz I don’t even love myself the same way you love you
so I pretend I never really met you and I don’t care
I’m afraid I’m gonna make the same mistakes again

Who would I believe?
(Wish I can understand love songs)
Can’t see where my heart belongs
(Would you accept it or I’m just)
Who would I share my love?
(afraid to find you precious)
Would you tell me your story

Am I just greedy if I’m living for myself
I don’t even know what the hell my life represents
am I sayin “for the culture” for the culture
or for my own success?
like I’m so obsessed
like I’m all correct
I hate that I gotta be like this
I wish I could live for you but would I be free like this?
my low self esteem might kick our dreams to abyss
cuz my past traumas wont let me seize this chick, naw

these thoughts keep running
who would I see? or believe?
who gon cry together with me?
who am I gonna share my joy?
when I look around there’s not much of a real mccoy
tell me a story
am I the one turning away?
am I the one fuckin up trust, concerning my fate?
I’m just afraid
that nothing’s gonna go my way I planned so I pretend that I never really gave a
so I pretend I never really met you and I don’t care
I’m afraid I’m gonna make the same mistakes again


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