Kaz Skellington – Socially Awkward & WTF John!? feat. John Natsuki


John Natsuki

何かの Freeをして
生きてゆく つらさを

Kaz Skellington
You looked at me in eyes and said
I don’t know why but I can’t seem to comprehend
I don’t wanna pretend anymore
I don’t wanna keep living like this, I don’t how to live on
To be sure I fit in, I keep lying to myself
I sit and I keep crying
sometimes I don’t know why but I’m wearing a mask
but it’s so hard to take it off in front of the mass

You told me that, but mostly laughed
cuz you thinking it’s bad to show me that side of you
but naw that kind heart saves my soul
wish I can save yours too but what can I do?
strength ain’t being able to hide your weakness
so please just get your self esteem up uh
You know the pain, accept the rain,
and showed me the way, but you walk away
from the fact you did.

You don’t need to hate yourself cuz you never see
the best part of you. but from me I could feel
so please be you,
cuz I see you.
in front of me you don’t need to think like that

John Natsuki
何かの Freeをして
生きてゆく つらさを
理解してる あなたは

自信がない とつぶやき
うつむいた あなたは

Kaz Skellington
I wish you could put your trust in me but
maybe I’m just another rapper to you
I’m sorry if I said somethin weird
I know I say shit that get out of context

Socially awkward, we a monster
they thinkin we just speakin nonsense
but I hope you feel and comprehending
what I mean I wanna embrace that nonsense

so I hope you don’t get hurt from what I be saying
I don’t mean no malice, and I ain’t be playing
so you can be you
so do what you do
cuz everything you do saves me too like this

John Natsuki
何かの Freeをして
生きてゆく つらさを
理解してる あなたは

自信がない とつぶやき
鬱むいた あなたは


Hahahaha! Yo John WTF!


WTF John!?

John Natsuki

Kaz Skellington
Kill me, if you’re not gonna love me the way I am


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